Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

Whether you’re single, a young couple, a family with kids and pets or simply love hosting friends and family on a regular basis and spend some quality time at home, you probably know that it’s natural that your furniture will look dull, grimy and worked out with time. This is because you certainly can’t avoid or entirely prevent dust, food crumbs, germs, and pollen from seeking refuge in your furniture.

Stains and blemishes that occur as a result of accidental spillages are also part of a home living that cannot be avoided. So unless you’re some sort of a millionaire who can spend on a brand new sofa every now and then, you should seriously consider upholstering your furniture.

According to recent research, about 80% of dirt and dust that you bring into your home does end up in your upholstered furniture and fabrics. However, you shouldn’t allow dirt and dust to stress you up or make your furniture dirty and dull. You can revitalize your furniture, and home in general, by seeking professional upholstery services.

At Lighthouse Cleaning Services, we provide refreshing and invigorating upholstery cleaning in Enterprise, AL and its environs. Our upholstery cleaning services will not only keep your children and pets safe and healthy but will also prolong the lifespan of your furniture and leave them shiny and glossy.

It’s always recommended that you get your upholstery professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Here are some benefits of getting your upholstery cleaned by professionals:

  • To keep your family healthy – The health of your family is undoubtedly your main priority. There are various fleas, bacteria, and mold that can turn your furniture into their home and leave unpleasant odors. These germs and bacteria can cause numerous health problems for you and your family. As such, getting your upholstery cleaned will remove allergens and keep your family healthier.
  • To keep your furniture clean, shiny and looking new – Getting your furniture cleaned by a professional will help maintain its original new appearance. Upholstery cleaning will remove dirt and grime and leave your furniture looking shiny, glossy and smelling good.
  • Increase the lifespan of your furniture – As noted earlier, it’s practically impossible to buy a new piece of furniture each time your furniture gets dirty or old. Professional upholstery cleaning will save you from the heavy costs of buying furniture each time. More importantly, upholstery cleaning will make your furniture durable.

As you can see, we know the importance of having clean upholstery. If you live in Enterprise and its environs and needs upholstery cleaning services, you can trust us to use the best technology and best products to clean your upholstery.

When hiring professional upholstery cleaner, you may have concerns about the use of some harsh chemicals on your furniture. In most cases, you’ll be worried about the cleaner using products or methods that might leave a sticky residue on your furniture. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry when you hire our professionals.

We use eco-friendly, safe and carbonated cleaning products that break up dirt or any form of grime trapped deep within the fibers of your furniture. We’ll then use our specialized extraction machine to remove these dirt, dust, and allergens. Again, we usually take into consideration your furniture type and apply methods and solutions that best suit your upholstery. At the end of our service, your furniture will dry faster, resist re-soiling, look clean and leave your family safe and healthy.

No matter how careful you are, accidental spills will often occur in your household and your furniture will be on the wrong end of these spills. When carrying our upholstery cleaning services, we’ll remove stains and apply stain-resisting protectant to act as a barrier against stains. This will help restore a manufacturer-applied stain guard and form a protective shield that can repel most stains. It’s in our policy to always ensure that these protectants are compatible with the furniture fibers.

Is there anyone within your household that suffers from asthma or allergies caused by allergens? We’re well aware that soft furnishings within your home such as pillows and couches can absorb these allergens. We’ll use special deodorizers and sanitizers to remove these allergens and make your home safer and you and your family healthier.

At Lighthouse Cleaning Services, cleaner and healthier living is our priority. We fully understand that germs, dirt, dust, and allergens can seek refuge in your upholstery and the importance of thoroughly cleaning them. Therefore, our upholstery cleaning experts will deep-clean your furniture, remove cobwebs, remove stains and odors and ensure that your furniture looks clean, smells nice, and are safe for your entire family. If you reside in Enterprise and its environs, call us now on +1-334-390-0586 and you’ll never regret this noble decision.

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