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Make Your Floors Shiny Again

We all want clean, shiny floors, and if you need someone to clean yours then we at Lighthouse Cleaning Services can provide you what you need. Not only are we one of the leading providers of floor waxing Enterprise, AL. we can also clean every part of your home or property with our other services. So if you are looking for excellent but affordable floor waxing services then here’s what our company can do for you.

Our Floor Waxing Services

Unlike many other cleaning companies, we don’t just mop and wax our clients’ floors and call it a day. In order to provide our clients with the quality services that they deserve, our floor waxing services consist of several parts. These services include:

  • Floor Waxing
  • Floor Stripping
  • Floor Polishing
  • Sealing
  • Scrubbing
  • Pre-Waxing Surface Cleansing
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning

By performing each step in this series, not only do we make our clients’ floors clean and shiny, but we are also able to remove minor scratches and discolorations. And through our careful and thorough approach to floor waxing, we hope to meet all of our clients’ expectations.

Additionally, our team can clean and wax all types of floors, from expensive marble tiles in hotels to highly durable granite tiles in the balcony. We have also provided our cleaning services to offices, homeowners, condos, apartment complexes and more. So if you need someone to wax your floors in Enterprise, AL then we at Lighthouse Cleaning Services have the solutions you need.

Pets can ruin perfectly beautiful floor tiles whenever they have messy accidents, which is why we have special floor waxing solutions for pet owners. Not only will our team remove the stains and odors from your floor, but we will also disinfect them to prevent the spread of unwanted bacteria.

We have waxed floors that have muddy paw prints; floors covered with fur; floors covered with garbage; and even floors with ‘potty accidents.’ So if you’re a pet owner who needs help with his or her floors because of a few pet-related accidents then we at Lighthouse Cleaning Services can provide you the help you need.

Floor waxing takes time, and it can disrupt any business routine, and for hotels and hotel buildings, it requires a lot of manpower. Lighthouse Cleaning Services can handle such challenges. Not only will we wax your floors, but we will also make sure that it is at a time that is convenient for your staff and customers. All you need to do is provide us with your instructions and we will handle the rest.

Our professional floor waxing services offer several benefits to our clients. Not only do we guarantee that you’ll like our work, but we also do our work quickly and efficiently. We are not satisfied to just wax your floors and make them shiny, we also want to make the entire process as convenient for you as possible.

Our personnel will not only follow your every instruction, but they will also do their best to work based on your schedule and budget. Furthermore, if your floor tiles have scratch marks or cracks then we will do our best to conceal them. If you have a deadline that you would like us to follow then we will do our best to meet it. And if you need other cleaning solutions then we have other services to meet your needs.

So if you need someone to wax your floors in Enterprise, AL then we at Lighthouse Cleaning Services can provide you what you need.

Contact Us

Do you need someone to wax your floor, give us a call and our staff will do their best to answer your questions? We are even prepared to give you a free estimate for our services based on descriptions of your property and the amount of floor waxing that it requires.

Also, if you need other cleaning services then we have plenty of those too, and we combine them with our floor waxing services to provide our clients with the best cleaning services in Enterprise. So if you need our help then don’t hesitate to contact us. Just tell us what you need and we will handle the rest.

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